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random rigney recap

February 7, 2010

{Decorations from Molly’s 30th birthday party}

…this is my attempt to chronicle (for my own personal record), in little bite-sized snippets, the weekly happenings of our random life in the basement…

  • Traveled back from Texas to Minneapolis with Sam for the fourth time since he has been born.
  • Found out my husband has been washing all of our clothes with fabric softener for the past week.
  • We started ECFE with Sam and loved it.
  • Little Rig is now eating: peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, and apples.
  • Joe began teaching, The End for Which God Created the World, to the BCS seminary students.
  • We began reading Keeping the Sabbath Wholly for family devotions.
  • Sammers began crawling backwards, it’s just too cute to tell him he’s going the wrong way.
  • Watched the last season premiere of LOST and couldn’t have been more confused.
  • Half-way through with reading, “For the Children’s Sake”.
  • Bought the BabyCook and will begin making Sam’s food tomorrow.
  • Started a work-out class with a group of friends can no longer walk up the stairs without limping.
  • Trying to organize and clean out every nook and cranny in this basement of ours, starting with the kitchen.
  • In the process of working on five different iPhoto book projects at the same time, too many photos- not enough time.
  • Trying to prioritize going to bed earlier in the evenings, starting as soon as I publish this post…
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