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top 10 :: reasons why I love this blog

March 6, 2011

One of my dearest friends lives in Oxford, England.  Her name is Betsy, but I only refer to her as Bets, or occasionally “B”.

Our paths crossed almost six years ago when we first moved to Minnesota.  She was my first friend in this unknown frozen tundra and our hearts were quickly knit together while eating lunch at a local Subway after church one day.

The degree to which I miss Betsy is comparable to the amount of excitement I felt when she told me that she would be starting a blog once she moved to England.  Bets has lived in Oxford now for six months, and in that time, I have felt that the vast distance between her home and mine is greatly shortened thanks to her blog.

I love her blog.  And I think you will, too.  She is a gifted writer- you will discover this within the first post you read.  It hasn’t really been a habit of mine to recommend a lot of blogs or websites to you, but I think that it’s rare to find a blog with such an enjoyable mix of good, honest writing, culture, food, faith, parenting, marriage, humor, photography, art, book reviews, crafts, and delightful stories.

Here are ten reasons why I love reading Part of the Main.  Enjoy this little sampling and then go subscribe for yourself…

  1. today was an onion
  2. six months across the pond
  3. inside and outside
  4. of durable joy
  5. so this is what he meant
  6. mommy, norah, and the big bed
  7. of Susan Schaefer Macauley: For the Children’s Sake
  8. holding and humming
  9. wee training, step two: wee-diculous
  10. toy story
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  1. March 7, 2011 8:21 am

    the titles alone are great!

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