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the Trinity, according to my two year-old

November 22, 2011

Since August, Sam has been asking either Joe or myself to climb in bed with him after his regular bedtime routine and tell him stories. At first this felt really intimidating to me, since making up stories on-the-fly is above my pay grade, but this extra time with him each night is too precious for me to not at least try.

Some nights Sam will prompt me by saying, “Momma, ‘Once upon a time Sam and Peter…’ and I will pick up where he left off and take him and his little brother on all sorts of adventures in the backyard, through the gardens, fishing at the lake, and on the baseball field. Some nights I tell him stories about my life and how I met and fell in love with his Daddy. Other nights I tell him about his life and God’s faithfulness to answer our prayers for a child.

On this particular evening, however, Sam just wanted me to sing with him. So I did. Fifteen rounds of Holy, Holy, Holy I sang with him, each time escalating just a little bit more in volume. In desperate need of a break, I interrupted him and began to teach him about the “Trim-inty” (as Sam would call it). Impressed by how quickly he caught on, we sang a few more rounds until I stopped for a review.

“Sam, do you know who the God in Three Persons is?”

“Yes!”, he said confidently.

“Oh really? Who is He?”

“Faw-der God, Son Jesus, and….Humpty Dumpty!”

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  1. November 22, 2011 9:43 pm

    Oh, Sammers!!! You’re too cute!

  2. March 29, 2012 9:34 am

    He might be closer than you think.. since Humpty Dumpty was an egg. ( I must explain) It was explained years ago to me by my Sunday School teacher that the trinity is like an egg. It has 3 very different parts, and each one is important to the whole egg. There is the shell, the yolk, and the white, all put together to create an ‘egg’. One- yet with 3 very different roles and design but all working together to perform it perfect role as ‘egg’. Or Humpty Dumpty 😉

    The trinity is very similar. 3 very separate persons, yet altogether are God.

    I just found your blog, can’t remember how I got here… maybe pinterest? But I’ll check in now and again. Like your style.

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