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project 365: days 351-357

December 26, 2011

december 17th: As we boarded our first flight on our way back to Texas, Southwest Airlines invited Sam up to the cockpit to meet the pilots!

december 18th: we had a fun night of taking the boys on a hayride to look at Christmas lights with the family in West Texas…

december 19th: We took the boys up to Joe’s grandfather’s office for him to meet his newest great-grandson…

december 20th: when I was a little girl, I always remember loving the little Santa Claus that could walk and play music at my grandparents house.  For my kids, I think they will remember the dancing/singing Christmas penguins…

december 21st: We visited Manor Park today and introduced Daddy Bill (Joe’s father, William Rigney), to his newest grandson and namesake, Peter William…

december 22nd: uncle danny playing with his little nephew…

december 23rd: took photos for this lovely couple…

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  1. Anna permalink
    December 26, 2011 4:37 pm

    assume that some are taken with the 35mm 🙂 love.

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