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the big apple

April 2, 2012

We hit the ground running on Wednesday afternoon when both Marian and I arrived in New York.  We couldn’t suppress our Texan tendencies and ate at the closest Mexican restaurant we could find in Manhattan (which happened to be just a four minute walk from our hotel!).

Four days flew by faster than we would’ve liked, and if it wasn’t for us missing our husbands and kids so much, we would have probably extended our stay.  Thanks for all the suggestions you gave for places to visit, we definitely packed in as much as we could into a few short days (I think you could spend a year in New York and still not see everything it has to offer.)

Here are some highlights of our trip (in no particular order) in iPhone pictures (really glad I didn’t bring my camera, I would not have enjoyed carrying that around NYC) …

  • Went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway the first night we arrived.  Beautiful theater and a wonderfully happy show!  Times Square is a sight to see, especially close to midnight when it looks about 9 AM.  The City That Never Sleeps…

  • Almost burned our hotel down.  The maid, while cleaning our room, accidentally knocked my CHI flat iron into the toilet (plugged in, mind you) and Marian reports seeing sparks flying from the toilet.  Members from both hotel maintenance and security came, photographed the scene of the crime, and refunded me the cost of the flat iron.  All in all, it wouldn’t have felt right if something crazy like that didn’t happen to me and Marian while we were in New York.  Just another chapter for our book, I guess.

  • I wanted to see at least one celebrity.  The closest I got was brushing arms with Jenna Bush.  I vote Republican and am from Texas, so that’s about as famous as you can get.  (Don’t worry, that was the first and last time politics will be mentioned on this blog!)
  • Spent the morning strolling through Central Park and Zoo, where we saw a bride and groom being photographed and a group of protestors ranting at the NYPD.

  • Ate pizza three times.  Wish it had been four.  New York pizza is just the best.
  • Spent an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw a number of original works by Picasso and Matisse, to name a few.  We spent three hours touring and saw only a small fraction of exhibits.  It was amazing.

  • Walked a total of 10 miles a day, I’m sure.  We rarely took the subway or bus (we had to work off the pizza somehow!).  As we were saying our goodbyes in the airport we could barely keep our eyes open, it felt like we had run a marathon by the time we were done.  Even our daily dose of Starbucks couldn’t wake us up.
  • Visited SoHo, Chelsea Market, and walked up and down 5th Avenue a number of times.

  • Both Marian and I got to visit with dear friends of ours who live in the city.  It was a highlight of the trip for both of us.  While visiting my friends, they took me to High Line which was really beautiful.

  • On our way to the airport, we inhaled (seriously, I don’t think we even chewed) Crumbs cupcakes- they were delicious!

Marian told me that we wouldn’t really appreciate a trip like this until a few days after we get home.  When you’re in New York, you just get caught up in how amazing the city is that you’re trying to soak it all up and see as much as you can.  Looking back through these pictures though, I think Marian was right.  It was such a gift to spend these days in New York with one of my best friends- it was a trip neither of us will ever forget.

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