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easter 2012 :: in pictures

April 10, 2012

Celebrating Christ’s resurrection together as a family was really special this year.  As with Christmas, nothing compares to watching your child begin to understand and make connections in his little mind about the greatest truths in the world- it makes celebrating these events so meaningful to us.

This was our first year to host Easter dinner in our home and with no lack of college students around our house, it was easy to fill our table.  We baked a ham and served my mom’s delicious sweet potato casserole, along with deviled eggs, hash brown casserole, salad and buttered rolls.  And we had very little leftover thanks to six hungry college guys at our table. We had a great time and finished the afternoon off with long naps and church in the evening.

On Saturday, Sam and Joe dyed what might have been the ugliest Easter eggs we have ever seen.  It’s becoming a tradition of ours to at least attempt to dye beautiful eggs, but without fail, we always end up spending at least a few minutes diagnosing them with different conditions.  Sam had fun nonetheless!

Here are a few pictures taken over the weekend.  And I owe thanks for any and all cute holiday attire that my children ever wear to my mother!

(It was a very challenging egg hunt…)

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  1. April 10, 2012 2:46 pm

    Jenny– Pictures of your boys never fail to make me smile. They are just too cute. 😀 Thanks for taking care of my little brother. It’s nice to see him being so lovingly cared for!

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