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happy 11 month birthday, peter!

June 14, 2012

What are you like at eleven months old, sweet Peter? Here are eleven glimpses for us to remember…

  1. You are equal parts sweet and spunky. You’ve got quite the personality for a little tot and we love you for it!
  2. You are on the move. So strong, so active, so determined, so wishing you could climb walls and trees and fences if only you were able. Anything big brother can do, you think you can do it right along with him.
  3. You love your big brother. You love to chase him, climb on him, wrestle with him, watch him, imitate him, and laugh with him. I love to watch the joy and excitement on your face when you see him.
  4. You are great at imitating others. You follow our lead when we clap our hands, cluck our tongues, and play peek-a-boo. Our most favorite imitation that you’ve mastered is your super intense, flexing-every-muscle-in-your-body, grunting expression you make in your highchair. It is quite hilarious and probably worthy of a video and blog post all on its own.
  5. You love to dance and bounce and move your little body to all sorts of music.
  6. Your scream/squeal is unmatched in volume and pitch. It is the most ear-piercing sound we’ve ever heard. Your Gigi likes to say, “Another county heard from!!” every time you exercise these powerful lungs.
  7. Your love for being tickled, thrown up in the air, and “dropped” is contagious. And we don’t mind wearing ourselves out to make you laugh.
  8. Holding you sometimes feels like a wrestling match. You can be so still and serene one minute, and then the next, you are ripping our hats and sunglasses off, pulling our hair, grabbing at our cheeks, and nose diving our faces. My favorite thing in the world is to hold you while you are sleeping, it just feels so safe!
  9. You love being snuggled and kissed on your neck. When I pick you up, you wrap your whole body around me, squeeze me tight, and let me kiss and hug you until you are ready to hop down.
  10. As active as you are, we are surprised by how content you are to just sit and observe the world around you. In your highchair, stroller, car seat, or red car, we can go for long stretches of time without ever hearing a peep out of you.
  11. You love to play in the water. Whether ocean, pool, bath tub, or splash pad- you love it all.

Happy 11 month birthday, Peter William! How you will be a one-year-old next month, I’ll never know! You have been such a daily joy and delight to your Daddy and me. Our hearts are so full of love for you. The Lord is immeasurably kind to give you to us, and we are so thankful for your life.

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  1. June 27, 2012 10:26 pm

    sweet baby peter, I love you so much! happy 11 months little boy! don’t turn one yet…it’s so soon!

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