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wedding weekend!

June 18, 2012

Almost two of our six weeks in Texas have already passed, and there have been so many wonderful parts about our time thus far, to remember them all here feels a bit overwhelming. When time allows, I’ll try, because I’m certain that we’ll want to look back one day on the pictures and stories and memories that we’re making so rapidly this summer.

Lots of family and just-like-family friends have filled up our time these past two weeks, along with hotel swimming pools, a big wedding celebration, a road trip to West Texas and to the hill country, a good fill of delicious Mexican food, and five days already spent seaside in Rockport, Texas.

Our summer kicked-off with celebrating Robby (Joe’s brother) and Alison’s much anticipated marriage. They had a beautiful outdoor wedding, and thankfully, the Texas heat didn’t cause us to completely melt during the ceremony. I think the funniest thing I heard concerning the heat was when one guest was asked by an usher, “Are you with the bride or the groom?” and the response was, “I’m with the shade!”

Alison was a stunning bride. Just so beautiful. And Robby was just as handsome. The mothers of the bride and groom looked completely elegant. My husband did a fantastic job marrying his first couple. And the verdict is still out as to whether or not Sam will ever be asked to be a ring bearer again. Turns out, come wedding day, an adorable suit and tie, months of practice, and one excited little boy do not a brave ring bearer make.

Here’s the thing, we found it a tad difficult to find 400 people around our house to help Sam visualize walking down the aisle. An empty hallway in your home and an aisle with a sea of people on both sides turn out to be two very different things! Let’s just say that it took both of his grandmothers to get him down the aisle and I may or may not have been on my knees (in a dress, mind you) with a lollipop in my hand trying to bribe him. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when the flower girl reached her seat and declared, “I did a GREAT job!!” Yes, she did, but she could have crawled down the aisle and still won that competition.

However, what Sam lacked in courage during the ceremony, he made up for exponentially on the dance floor! We couldn’t get him to stop dancing to save our lives (nor did we want to). It was then that we decided that watching Sam break out into a complete sweat while busting a move (completely by himself, no doubt) was the most hilarious thing we have witnessed during our three years of parenting this little guy. Joe and I stood there in shock just looking at each other, and then at him, and then back at each other and simultaneously thinking, Who is this kid?!?! One minute, being dragged down the aisle and the next, cuttin’ a rug in front of a room of people! It was definitely a highlight of the weekend for us.

Here are a few pictures taken throughout the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, wedding, and reception…

Alison and Robby’s sign-in art canvas. All guests were asked to leave a fingerprint with green ink and sign their name beside.

Rehearsing the exchange of rings.

Robby’s groomsmen.

The proud and happy mothers!

A tad excited?

Daddy Jim (Joe’s grandfather) and Gigi

Robby and Alison

Alison and her Dad

Joe and his Mama

The beautiful bridal luncheon given by the women in Alison’s family

Alison with her mother and mother-in-law

“A&R” wedding cake cookies

The maid-of-honor, Jennifer

Greta, Alison, and Patti

Getting ready for the big day!

Papa and Sassy with the ring bearer!

The groom and his two nephews.

The beautiful bride!

Bethany, Allison, Uncle Rocky, Aunt Carol, Daddy Jim, Tommy, and Susan

The groom’s cake with an Aggie Ring on top!

Our dear friends (who we miss so much!) Bill and Linda Baker

The wedding bouquets

Our Daddy Jim, looking as dapper as ever!

The reception!

The bride’s cake.

Uncle Rocky (Joe’s uncle) and Greta (Joe’s mom) with Daddy Jim

Sassy and Sam

Uncle Rocky and Aunt Carol

Papa and Peter

Uncle Rocky and Daddy Jim

And a close-up for all you Aggies out there!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 19, 2012 12:17 am

    I really wish I could have seen Sam dance!! love these pics, jen

  2. Patti Alexander permalink
    June 19, 2012 8:54 am

    Thank you for posting the pictures. It was wonderful meeting your family. Looking forward to many more visits.

  3. June 19, 2012 10:51 am

    Great pictures, Jenny! Loved getting to be with you all for the wedding. Sam just might be asked to be on “Dancing with the Stars”! He was so cute “running” around(I mean dancing) on the dance floor.

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