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June 19, 2012

There isn’t much that makes me feel like I’m growing older (besides the occasional peeing while sneezing), but this past weekend, while vacationing with my lifelong friend, Becky, it started to sink in.

Becky and I used to play together at the beach when we were kids.  We weren’t the ones packing the bags, planning the meals, applying the sunscreen, loading up the ice chest, and hanging our bathing suits to dry- that job belonged to our moms.  Fast-forward twenty years, and with our three sons between us (plus Becky’s baby due in December!), it looks like we are now the Moms!  But what better way to spend this new season of our lives together than on vacation?!

We filled our long weekend with lots of sun, playing in the ocean, feeding the birds, eating out, watching movies, fishing, talking, cooking, shopping, laughing, chasing our small kids around everywhere, climbing trees, watching a little U.S. Open, enjoying the splash pad, and visiting our country’s oldest Oak Tree.  And Kyle (who recently finished his first Iron Man triathlon in Florida!) provided the entertainment one morning by swimming the canal for us.  He had a captivated audience with two excited (although Sam was a little more concerned than excited) toddlers in attendance!

We also celebrated Kyle’s birthday at our favorite local restaurant in Rockport, The Boiling Pot.  And on Father’s Day, we spent the evening eating seaside at Moon Dog’s, which quickly became a new favorite.

Here’s a little glimpse of our time together for the doting grandmother’s back home…

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