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a day I love

July 14, 2012

I’m sure if every person considered it, they could set to pen a list of significant days that have changed the course of their life.  These days stand out more than others, because unlike most changes in your life, they don’t come gradually over time.  Instead, they change it completely.  And instantly.

December 20th, 1989.  April 9th, 2005.  October 22nd, 2005. October 30th, 2008. June 24th, 2009.  All days that have changed my life.  Changed it completely, and in an instant.  One minute single, the next I am married. One minute blind, the next I can see.

July 14th, 2011 has been added to this list.  A day that changed me forever.  One minute, a mother to one son, the next…Two!  And my heart didn’t divide like I feared it would.  Instead, it did what every other mother of two children promised me it would.  It doubled.

It is an honor to be your mother, little one, and it was my great joy to have been there when you took your first breath.  We will be celebrating this day for the rest of our lives.  Happy 1st Birthday, Peter William.  Oh how we love you through and through!

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