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a mommy in need of encouragement…

August 24, 2012

Last night, our youngest was just too tired to sleep.  We are in that strange transition period of not needing two naps a day, but oh so sleepy to make it on just one.  It was a long night.

I’m certain that I am just like every other mother out there.  In need of daily encouragement for the incredibly glorious, humbling, exhausting, hilarious, messy, repetitive, fruitful, mundane, and joyfully laborious calling of motherhood.

I read three things today during the first half of my boy’s nap-time that lifted my head a bit and restored joy to my soul (the joy that might have been lost in the middle of my sleepless night somewhere).

And here they are, in hopes of encouraging another mommy in need.

1.) When you need… by Rachel Jankovic

2.) Of the battle for the heart that is waged in the mind by my dear friend and kindred spirit, Betsy Kirk

3.) The Manger and Motherhood by Chris McGarvey

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