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the night before the day after thanksgiving

November 22, 2012

Tomorrow might possibly be one of my very favorite days of the year. And in case you are wondering, I am not talking about saving a hundred bucks on a TV after camping out in front of a Best Buy for a week. It will be a cold day in Texas before that happens.

Tomorrow (with our stomachs still full from the feast we enjoyed today) is the day we haul our Christmas decorations down from the attic closet and get to work!

The tree is brought home and we attempt with all our might to string the lights on just right the first time (never happens). The nativities are unpacked from their boxes (both the real ones and the play ones). We play our favorite Christmas music, put the boys in their Christmas jammies, and begin to decorate the tree (being sure to hang the breakable ornaments up high!). And in a few short hours, our home is transformed (even with the small amount of decorations we own) and we’re ready to celebrate Christmas. I can barely wait!

But before I get ahead of myself and move too quickly to the next holiday, I think it is fitting to give specific thanks to the Lord for some of the very good gifts he has given.

-Thank you, God, for the Abell family who welcomed 23 friends into their home today for an amazing feast, the highlight being Jason’s incredible turkeys. One smoked, the other grilled. Turkey will be served this way in heaven, I’m sure of it.

-For a husband who turns 30 on Monday and joyfully gives up his life for his family.

-For two little boys (sleeping soundly in their room right now) who bring a gushing flood of joy and laughter and life and crumbs into our home.

-For my family- although a painful amount of miles apart- never seem to feel distant in my heart.

-For dear friends, who have always felt more like family.

-And for the gift of a beautiful Thanksgiving table which gave us just a glimpse of Things to come.

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