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she said YES!

January 27, 2013

Daniel and Kayla-7

It seems like yesterday that I was posting a very similar blog post announcing the newest member to our family, and now tonight, another girl joins the ranks of those called “Mrs. Rigney”.  Joe and I couldn’t be happier for our little brother- he outdid himself on this future bride of his, that’s for sure! Kayla is an amazing woman (and yes, we think Danny is equally amazing!).  She loves the Lord, loves Danny, loves her family, is an incredibly talented vocalist and choir teacher, and fits perfectly into our family.  We love her.

We’re so thankful for the amazing sisters-in-law God has given to us over the years.  First Melinda, then Alison, and now, Kayla- all amazing women and sisters and friends and aunts to our family.  Both Joe and I grew up without a sister, so we are so very blessed to now have three.

Congratulations, Danny and Kayla!  We are proud of you both and can’t wait for the wedding day!

Daniel and Kayla

Daniel and Kayla-25

Daniel and Kayla-8

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  1. January 27, 2013 8:12 am

    adorable- inside and out…MamaPat

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