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milestones for the uncles

June 9, 2013

Our boys have three uncles: my older brother, Ryan, and Joe’s younger brothers, Rob and Dan. And boy do our kids love it when they get to see them! They can always count on wrestling and fishing with Uncle Ryan, watching sports and being goofy with Uncle Rob, and singing and playing the guitar with Uncle Dan. They are the next best thing to their Daddy.

Both yesterday and today mark important milestones for each of the boy’s uncles, all three of which we are celebrating today (from afar) with full hearts.

We are especially grateful for their faith, their marriages, their friendship, and the time they have invested into our boys. We are counting down the days until we see them this summer! Until then…

Happy 35th Birthday, Uncle Ryan!


Happy 25th Birthday, Uncle Danny!

Rockport 2012 Rigneys-14

Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary, Uncle Robby!


(…and to our dear Aunt Alison, too!)


(photo credit for above picture: Jessica Mooney)

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