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October 17, 2013

So about that family update I promised in my last post (when was that? a month ago?).  I find that in order for me to blog these days, two things must occur: I must be by myself and I must have nothing else to do.  And since I am in a season of life where those two things rarely ever occur, the posts around here are pretty spotty.

But guess what?!

As I type these very words, I find myself sitting next to my husband in the Denver, CO. airport with a three hour layover.  Without our children.  I don’t even know what to do with myself. I keep resisting the urge to ask perfect strangers if I may hold their babies for them so they can go grab a cup of coffee.  I’m having a hard time sitting down for an extended period of time without a basket of laundry in front of me that needs to be folded.  Joe keeps telling me that it is not my job to wipe down all of the tables at the airport restaurants.

I suppose if you take a woman out of her home and away from her babies, she’s going to try and set up home somewhere.  It’s half habit, half instinctual.

Joe and I are on our way to Moscow, Idaho to visit friends and attend the Grace Agenda conference.  I’ll also be attending the Table Grace seminar led by the bloggers/authors over at Femina.  After the conference is over, Joe and I will spend a few days at a B&B to celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary.  The trip is sure to be a great time and we’re just so grateful for the time away.  And our boys couldn’t be more thrilled about their grandparents holding down the fort.  Joe and I are taking bets on how many mornings they’ll be served candy for breakfast!

By way of a family update:

Fall is in full swing.  The new school year is well into it’s second month and Joe’s love and appreciation for his job and the opportunity to teach at Bethlehem College & Seminary continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  And as a wife, it means a great deal to follow a husband who couldn’t imagine spending his life another way.  God has been so kind to us.

This year, alongside my dear friend, I’ve been given the opportunity to co-lead our church’s MOMS ministry at the Bethlehem campus our family attends. You could not have picked a more out-of-my-comfort-zone place for me to serve- after all, I’d be required to speak behind a podium with a microphone (I have a history of things going awry when I’m under pressure).   But every time I prayed about it, I couldn’t shake the peace the Lord was giving.  It’s been a real joy so far- despite my fears and anxiety.  At our first MOMS meeting, I told all of the moms that they needed to be real gracious to me since I’m pretty sure I took public speaking online.

Our Sam started preschool this year.  We’re doing a mix of things and so far it’s been working out really well.  I’m homeschooling some every day and then two mornings a week he attends the Children’s House program at Hand-in-Hand Christian Montessori.  It’s been a great balance for us and the best surprise is how much I have enjoyed homeschooling.  It has been very rewarding in ways I wasn’t anticipating and I’m grateful for all that God is teaching us through it.  Sometimes the best school days are the ones spent working on how to be kind to your brother and not break fellowship over a Lego. Or days when we get off schedule because different needs arise.  God is changing my understanding of a successful day.

And now for the traditional school year pic with a sign in front of your house.

Sam Preschool (1 of 1)

And now for our littlest.  Our sweet Peter-punkin’.

He is up to all sorts of toddler shenanigans these days.  He is such a delightful mix of spicy and sweet and silly and shy.  Peter joins Sam and I during school for a bit each day, but spends a good chunk of the day just playing. One morning a week, Peter and I attend a Family Music class at Hand-in-Hand while Sam is in Children’s House.  It’s our time just the two of us and it’s a highlight for me each week.

Peter loves books, food of all kinds, and will stop anything he’s doing for a tickle war or wrestling match.

Peter (1 of 1)

I’m sure there is lots more that I’m overlooking- but I’m going to sit and enjoy this layover.  And maybe find a baby or two to hold.

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  1. October 18, 2013 3:05 pm

    I really loved the bit about wiping down tables–had the same urge in the airport on the way here. Found myself picking up stray french fries from the floor and tossing them in the bin.

  2. Jenn A permalink
    October 19, 2013 7:17 am

    Love seeing even a quick update and pictures of those wonderful boys! Hope you have a fabulous time in Idaho!

  3. Kym permalink
    October 26, 2013 11:08 pm

    While googling my maiden name to find a street with the same name I stumbled upon your blog. Hello from a former Rigney in CT 🙂

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