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Sam’s ENT Special

April 5, 2014

This Monday will mark three weeks since our Sam began his recovery from surgery.  After months and months of recurring hearing and sleep apnea issues, we met with our wonderful ENT specialist who performed Sam’s first Myringotomy.  It was then determined that he needed a second myringotomy, adenoidectomy, and tonsillectomy- an ENT Special, if you will.  The doc said he would feel like a “new kid” after all this is over and we were anxious for him to be helped in this way.

The staff at Children’s Hospital was top notch.  They went above and beyond to prepare and reassure Sam (and us!) about everything leading up to the surgery.  In all honesty, Sam thought it was the best day of his life (that is until they wheeled him out of the ICU and the morphine began to wear off), he loved everything from the hospital toys and bubblegum flavored gas mask to the fun oversized jammies and the limitless supply of popsicles and juice he was offered.

A significant gift during this whole ordeal was that my mom was able to come and help.  Sam was more or less on bedrest for about a week and didn’t begin feeling more like himself until the end of week two.  Since a tonsillectomy is such a painful surgery, we had to wake up every three hours throughout the night for almost two weeks to administer pain meds and get him to drink more fluids- it was like we had a newborn again and were no doubt exhausted. My mom was there to help care for Sam, keep the house running, and to bathe a cute little brother.  [This is just a sidenote, but worth mentioning: Joe and I could not be more grateful for our moms and the way they serve us.  Just last month, Joe’s mom came to town and served our family in this exact same way so I could go on a much-needed retreat with friends.]

Sam has recovered wonderfully! We can already tell a significant difference in his hearing and will know even more about his recovery next week at his post-op appointment. Until then, here are just a few pics from the day.

Sam's Tonsillectomy

Sam's Tonsillectomy-2

Sam's Tonsillectomy-3

Sam's Tonsillectomy-4

Sam's Tonsillectomy-6

We had some rough nights and a few hiccups during recovery, but we knew we were in good hands…

Sam's Tonsillectomy-7


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  1. Jenn A permalink
    April 5, 2014 8:36 pm

    What sweet, sweet boys you have! So glad Sam is much better!

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