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happy 5th birthday, sam!

June 24, 2014

picture 6

It was not that long ago, it seems, when we were holding him in our arms for the very first time.  We tried not to blink, but despite our best efforts, here we are celebrating his fifth birthday!

As sweet as those first years were with our Sam, we don’t ever want to begrudge our children growing older.  We want to love and delight in each season of their lives more than the one before. So that is what our hope is for today, not to wish this time away and pine for the baby days, but to celebrate the incredible little boy God is growing up right in front of our eyes.

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So on your fifth birthday, our dear boy, here are five ways we see God’s gracious hand uniquely at work in your life, ways in which we are so thankful.

1.) You protect. Just in the last year or so, we’ve seen such a quick instinct to protect those around you.  Whether it is ensuring that everyone you are with gets on the elevator safely before the doors shut or standing between your brother and the cars as we walk across the street.  You are brave and you are quick to watch out for those around you, especially if you think they could get hurt.  We love this about you, Sam.  God is like this.  He protects those he loves and keeps them from harm.   We pray God only strengthens this trait in you.

2.) You are tenderhearted. One of our favorite settings to see you in is when you are around those younger than you, especially babies.  You are thoughtful and caring and gentle and so adoring of little ones.  When we babysit, you take charge.  You entertain, anticipate needs, work hard, and are so tender with them.  Already at five years old, we are getting a taste of the kind of father you will be one day and it makes us proud.

3.) Wherever you are, you’re all there. Whatever you do, you do it with all of your heart. You have a passionate,  full-of-life personality.  You are passionate about your family. Passionate about your friends.  Passionate about stories, learning, and playing.  Passionate about food.  Passionate about life.  Passionate about imagining.  You teach us daily to live with all of our might.

4.) You are attentive. Nothing gets by you. You have a steel trap for a memory.  Whether it be places we’ve been, songs we’ve sung, experiences we’ve shared, people you’ve met, conversations you’ve had, or things your parents have misplaced- you remember every detail and are quick to remind us if we forget.  God is like this too, counting hairs on every head and never losing sight of even the smallest sparrow.

5.) You rise to the challenge.  You love to lead.  Even your preschool teacher told us that you are a leader with many followers! You love to direct and take charge and include everyone, whether it be in imaginary play or a game of baseball in the front yard, you want to make things happen. We pray God takes this good instinct that he fashioned in you and uses it to love people and lead them to his Son.

Happy 5th Birthday, Samuel Jonathan!  Having a front row seat to your life these past five years has been one of the greatest honors of our lives. Our cup runneth over for you, sweet child. 

picture 1

An Interview with Sam on his Fifth Birthday:

What day is today, Sam?: “My birthday!”

How old are you? “Five.”

Who made you? “God”

Where do you live? “Minnesota”

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?  “Wrestle”

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? “Make tortillas”

What is your favorite thing to do with Peter? “Play puzzles”

Who is your best friend? “Peter and Colin and Rylee and Carson and Coleman and Lily and JJ and Julia and Elizabeth and Hannah Kate and  Micah and John Owen, but Peter is my best friend”

What is your favorite book? “Silver Chair, Horse and His Boy, and The Last Battle”

What character in a book do you like best? “Edmund, Aslan, and Tirian”

What is your favorite Bible Story? “Jesus dying on the cross”

What is your favorite thing to build? “Block cities”

What is your favorite food to eat? “Mac and Cheese”

What is your favorite thing to play? “Baseball, except it’s really Tee-ball”

Where do you love to visit? “Texas”

What song do you like to sing the most? “Oo-de-lally” (Theme song for Robin Hood)

If you could buy anything at the store, what would it be? “Toys”

What is your favorite animal? “Buffalos and Horses”

If you could buy someone a gift, what would you buy and who would it be for? “A piggy bank for Carson and Coleman”

What would you like to be when you grow up? “A house builder”

What do you enjoy doing outside? “Play at the playground and water balloon fights”

What holiday do you love celebrating? “Christmas”

What is your favorite work to do at school? “Math”

What is your favorite restaurant? “Chipotle”

What is your favorite special treat? “Donuts”

What do you love most about being a big brother? “I like to play with Peter”

What do you want to do today on your birthday? “Eat cupcakes”

What was your favorite thing about being four? “Going to Lily’s birthday party!”

What are you most excited about in turning five?! “Doing math at school!”

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 24, 2014 11:53 am

    What a sweet boy you are raising. Happy Birthday, Sam! Glad you’re spending it in Texas!

  2. Jenn A permalink
    June 24, 2014 8:54 pm

    Happy Birthday, Sam!

  3. June 24, 2014 10:00 pm

    Happy birthday, sweet sam! I love that he said “but Peter is my best friend.” Swoon. And that he loves math!

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