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party at the park

July 30, 2014

During the last week of our summer vacation in Texas, we celebrated the boys’ birthdays with a joint party at the park.  When we asked Sam and Peter how they would like to celebrate, they both agreed that a water balloon fight would be the way to go. So we did, and I think Joe would tell you that his hands are still sore from filling up a few hundred balloons.

Despite the looming fear of thunderstorms and a pesky park ranger who had too much time on his hands, we had a great time. After stuffing themselves with pizza, fruit and cupcakes, the kids played to their hearts’ content and had a water balloon fight that our boys are still talking about.  Just yesterday, Sam remarked, “Mom! I didn’t even see your aunt and uncle (who were definitely there) at our birthday party because I was having too much fun!”  

What more could we have hoped for?

More pics

More pics-2

More pics-4

More pics-6


More pics-5

More pics-17



More pics-7

More pics-8

More pics-13

More pics-11

More pics-14

More pics-15

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  1. July 31, 2014 11:56 pm

    They are growing so fast.. Aren’t they.. Enjoyed the post & photos as always..

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